Potential first look at new 11-inch 2021 iPad Pro

The leak: The first likely legitimate renders for the 2021 iPad Pro have been shared by MySmartPrice.

  • New dimensions of 245.74 x 176.61 x 5.9mm (old: 247.6 x 178.5 x 5.9mm): these keep the tablet just as thick but make it just under 1% smaller
  • The speakers are also changing: On the bottom of the new iPad Pro, the speakers have fewer holes and have also moved a bit
  • There also may be a third mic placed at the top of the device, but the overall design is staying for another year

Our take: Wasn’t expecting anything major for the iPad Pro this year, but with Mini-LED coming I thought there may have been some additional design changes. Expecting this to release in March.