Apple launches redesigned Apple Store at

The news: Apple has launched a redesigned online store for their products following a short maintenance period.

  • There’s a new ‘Store’ tab that allows you to see a better spread of the products Apple sells
  • Product category pages inside of the Store tab now include shopping guides, ways to save, “The Apple Difference” and more

Check out the gallery below!

Our take: This new design is a huge upgrade and makes it much easier to see even the small things that Apple has added to their store recently. I hope we see this card-esque styling everywhere on eventually.

The Apple Store is down globally…and no one knows why (update: it’s back)

Update 4:47pm PST: The Apple Store is back up after being down for just around an hour. Everything looks the same to me so far.

The news: Apple’s online store is currently down around the world for no apparent reason.

  • “Be right back” Apple says, “We’re making updates to the Apple Store. Check back soon.”

Our take: This is strange, considering that we just got some new products earlier today. I highly doubt there will be anything new on the store and that this is just maintenance of some kind: but why bring the store down at ~4pm PST in the middle of the day here in the US?

Apple’s new Magic Keyboard, Mouse & Trackpad accessories are now sold separately

The news: Apple’s new Magic accessories that were previously exclusive to the M1 iMac are now available for purchase as standalone products.

  • The new Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard, Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for Mac models with Apple silicon and Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad for Mac models with Apple silicon are all available on now
  • All of the accessories ship with Apple’s exclusive braided Lightning cable for charging

Our take: Super happy to see Apple sell these accessories separately, but I really wish the Touch ID keyboard were compatible with older Intel-based machines. I would buy one for my 27-inch iMac in a heartbeat if they were.

Apple updates Mac Pro with new Radeon Pro GPU options

The news: On Tuesday morning Apple updated their online store with upgraded pre-built Mac Pro and standalone graphics card options from AMD.

Our take: Some pricey but powerful options for those with a Mac Pro that are looking to spec their machines out even further. Looking at you, MKBHD team…

Apple releases 3 new silicone iPhone cases in Summer colors

The news: Apple just released a trio of new cases in fresh Summer colors for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

  • “Sunflower,” “Cloud Blue,” and “Electric Orange,” are yellow, light blue and deep orange silicone cases with MagSafe built-in
  • The cases are available for order now and begin delivering on Wednesday, June 16

Our take: As someone who has gone caseless for the first time in years with my iPhone 12 Pro, these still aren’t enough to get me to throw something on my phone. But Sunflower is hot.

Apple plans to open more retail stores globally

The news: Apple is planning to expand their global retail footprint, according to Germany’s Funke Mediengruppe (via Bloomberg).

  • “On our online site people can learn a lot about the products; in a store they can touch them and get a feel for them…we intend to add more stores” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People
  • Worldwide, there are over 500 Apple Store locations at this time

Our take: This is kind of ‘implied news’ but Apple saying this to a media outlet could suggest that more Apple stores could be added more aggressively.

Apple Store experiences major issues after iPhone 12 pre-orders go live

The news: Apple’s online store was experiencing significant outages worldwide as iPhone 12 pre-orders went live.

  • Users report seeing numerous errors and bad gateways right after the store came back online around 5am PST
  • Many were able to make it to checkout, only to experience lengthy loading times as ship dates quickly began to slip

Our take: So you’re Apple, and you launch a big new product…how do you not have the capacity to handle this launch? This year was the worst-pre-order experience in recent memory for me, hasn’t been this stressful for a long while.

Apple releases New 16-inch MacBook Pro GPU, Apple Card 0% financing, Mac Pro SSD upgrade kit

The news: Apple just updated their online store with a higher-end GPU for 16-inch MacBook Pro, 0% financing for more products with Apple Card and a SSD upgrade kit for Mac Pro.

  • The 16-inch MacBook Pro has gained the AMD Radeon Pro 5600M with 8GB of HBM2 memory
    • “75 percent faster performance than the 5500M when configured with 4GB of GDDR6,” per The Verge
  • Mac Pro SSD upgrade kits configured up to 8TB will be available later today
  • Apple Card 0% financing (6 or 12-month, depending on which product) is now available

Our take: With a big WWDC planned for a week from now, Apple likely wanted to push some smaller updates out prior to the fanfare. That being said, the GPU update on MacBook Pro seems significant, and I look forward to seeing how close to 75% faster it actually is.