Prosser: No new AirPods coming in April

The rumor: Even amid a number of revealing leaks, AirPods 3 won’t be unveiled in April, according to Jon Prosser (78.2% accurate) on the Genius Bar podcast.

  • According to Prosser’s source who hasn’t been wrong yet, AirPods will not be featured at the upcoming April event
  • AirPods 3 are rumored to have a hybrid in-ear design and are expected to go on sale sometime later this year for ~$149

Our take: This lines up with what Kuo (76.6% accurate) and DigiTimes (65.1% accurate) have also reported. Doesn’t look like new AirPods are coming soon, after all.

Apple targets April for next special event, March event now unlikely

The rumor: Apple’s first event of 2021 will actually be held in April, according to Jon Prosser (78.2% accurate).

Our take: It seems like Apple may have changed some plans last-minute. Week-to-week, a ton of sources have flipped on their reporting. Last week, we heard iPad Pro, AirTags and AirPods were ready to go. This week, DigiTimes (65.1% accurate) now says the new iPad Pro isn’t coming until April at the earliest and L0vetodream (89% accurate) and Ku0 (76.6% accurate) said AirPods aren’t releasing now either…