New photo claims to show upcoming Spring 2022 iPhone 13 cases

The leak: Apple is preparing to release 4 new iPhone 13 cases, according to a new photo shared by Twitter account Majin Bu.

  • New yellow, orange, blue and turquoise MagSafe cases for iPhone 13 seem to be next up for Apple to release as soon as this Spring
  • Bu, who has been wrong on other leaks before, has shared credible information in regards to new iPhone case colors in the past

Sam’s take: I’ve been going caseless on my iPhone for years now (I know, high-risk move), so these don’t appeal to me at all. But if I had to choose one to rock, it would be the new turquoise color.

Apple releases 3 new silicone iPhone cases in Summer colors

The news: Apple just released a trio of new cases in fresh Summer colors for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

  • “Sunflower,” “Cloud Blue,” and “Electric Orange,” are yellow, light blue and deep orange silicone cases with MagSafe built-in
  • The cases are available for order now and begin delivering on Wednesday, June 16

Our take: As someone who has gone caseless for the first time in years with my iPhone 12 Pro, these still aren’t enough to get me to throw something on my phone. But Sunflower is hot.

New photo shows upcoming iPhone 12 case colors

The image: A new photo showing the colors of the Spring 2021 iPhone cases has been shared on Twitter.

Our take: While these are not the official cases, they are a 1:1 look at the colors and configurations for the real ones…and they match up exactly with the leaks from a week or two ago.

New iPhone 12 MagSafe cases leak in Spring colors

The leak: Apple is preparing to release new colors for their Silicone cases with MagSafe, according to Uncle Pan (not yet tracked).

  • While five new colors are rumored to be coming, we get our first look at new blue, purple, green and peach colorways
  • The new cases are expected to come sometime this Spring, possibly at an Apple April event

Our take: Whenever we’re getting new products this month…it seems to be soon. I’ve never been this biggest fan of Apple’s cases though, so I’ll probably pass on these. Blue looks nice, however.