iPhone 14 again rumored to NOT have under-display Touch ID as Face ID continues to improve

The rumor: The iPhone will not feature an under-display fingerprint scanner until at least 2025, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate).

Ian’s Take: Every year, analysts say that under-display Touch ID is coming…but then always end up saying that it is happening in the following year. I would love for Touch ID to be reintroduced as I still have trouble unlocking my phone while wearing a mask, but we shouldn’t hold our breath, according to Kuo.

Under-display Touch ID may come to iPhone in 2021

The rumor: Apple is working on an all-new version of Touch ID that sits beneath the display, according to L0vetodream (88.5% accurate).

  • It’s unclear when under-the-screen Touch ID will launch, but previous rumors suggest it could come as soon as next year
  • Apple recently integrated Touch ID into the power button of iPad Air, marking the first time Apple’s fingerprint technology was placed somewhere other than the home button
  • Amid a worldwide pandemic where face coverings are normal, the flaws of Face ID have become increasingly apparent

Our take: As Jon Prosser (85.5% accurate) explains, MESA = Touch ID codename and uts = under-the-screen. Other sources, such as Mark Gurman (88.3% accurate) have previously suggested this could be used in tandem with Face ID on an iPhone in 2021.