What’s new in iOS 15 beta 4? More Safari tweaks, MagSafe Battery Pack support & more

The news: Following the private and public beta release of iOS 15 beta 4, these are the changes you should know about.

  • TL;DR: Safari continues to get better, the new MagSafe battery is now properly supported, and there’s more granular options you can configure across the OS

What’s new?

  • Continued tweaks to Safari on iOS including a reload and share button in the search bar, and tapping the display will minimize or expand the bar
  • iPadOS’ Safari now looks very close to macOS Monterey and gives you the ability to select your tab bar style
  • Ability to share/not share Focus Status on a contact-by-contact basis
  • New Notifications icon in Settings and ability to show or hide notifications while screen sharing
  • Shortcuts gains “Return to Home Screen” action
  • New camera icon on the Lock Screen removes the shutter switch