15-inch MacBook Air may launch in 2023…yes, please!


The rumor: Apple may be working on a big brother to the 13-inch MacBook Air, according to Ross Young (92.9% accurate, via 9to5Mac).

Here are the big takeaways from the Quarterly Advanced IT Display Shipment and Technology Report…

  • Apple is planning a new version of the current MacBook Air with a larger screen between 13 and 14-inches
  • There is also said to be a second MacBook Air with a screen size of around 15-inches in the works, too
  • On an unrelated note, a new $329 iPad with a “slightly larger” display is also in development

Sam’s take: This is the MacBook that I think should replace the base 13-inch MacBook Pro that exists currently. Why do we need a base version of a Pro device when a 15-inch MacBook Air could fill that spot in a much more useful way? I’m really hoping we see this, even though I’m not convinced it will actually happen.