2020 16-inch MacBook Pro refresh possible soon

The evidence: Apple may be refreshing the 16-inch MacBook Pro soon, as spotted by Atharva Kale and MacRumors.

  • Boot Camp for macOS was recently updated, mentioning a 16-inch MacBook Pro (2020) for the first time ever
  • In Apple’s own words, at WWDC 2020: “We have some new Intel-based Macs in the pipeline that we’re really excited about.” (watch the clip below)
  • So far, the only new Intel Mac announced since June was a 27-inch iMac, which suggests a new 16-inch model would likely retain an Intel chip

Our take: It’s been about a year since the 16-inch MacBook Pro was released initially, so it is feasible that an upgrade is coming soon. But I have a hard time imagining that Apple would introduce a new Intel Mac at next month’s November 17 Apple Silicon event.