2021 MacBook Pro: 14/16″ models, redesigned chassis, MagSafe & more


The rumor: Apple is preparing to give Mac users what they’ve been asking for for years, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (78.2% accurate).

Here are the (wildly exciting) details:

  • 14 and 16-inch models with a revamped chassis similar to the iPhone 12 or iPad Pro with a “flat-edged form factor”
  • The Touch Bar is going away, with a physical function row taking its place
  • MagSafe is returning in some form (!)
  • More I/O will be added, a significant step up from the strictly USB-C offerings available now
  • All models will be equipped with new Apple Silicon chips

Our take: I had to read all of this twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. This upcoming machine, to the tee, is what I have been asking for for years.