A brief history of Apple event invites & Easter eggs

Ahead of Apple’s highly-anticipated April special event, let’s take a look back at what previous invites have subliminally alluded to. If an event isn’t listed, there are no known references or hints.


November 10

  • Nothing in the invite, but the AR Easter egg showed an Apple logo that opened just like a MacBook (this was the M1 event)

October 13

  • ‘Hi, Speed.’ Tagline confirms the introduction of 5G
  • Circle-enclosed Apple logo exactly matches the bottom of HomePod mini, which was announced at this event
  • Background of the invite is dark blue which matches the new color of both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

September 15

  • ‘Time flies.’ This tagline confirmed a new Apple Watch would be unveiled
  • The blue Apple logo perfectly matched the new Sky Blue color for the redesigned iPad Air

June 22

  • ‘hello’ was cemented in history when the Mac was first introduced in 1984: its presence on the invite suggested the launch for Apple Silicon was imminent


September 10

  • The multi-color Apple logo featured green and purple on the top and bottom of the graphic: these were the two new colors available on iPhone 11

March 12

  • ‘It’s show time.’ This tagline directly referenced Apple would be unveiling a number of new services, especially Apple TV+


September 12

  • ‘Gather round.’ The tagline and graphic are both gold…which was the big new color for the iPhone XS lineup.

March 27

  • ‘Let’s take a field trip.’ The tagline and graphic were both drawn with Apple Pencil, and at the education-foucsed event a new iPad with Apple Pencil support was announced.


September 12

  • The multi-color Apple logo wound up being our first look at the marketing wallpaper for iPhone X


October 27

  • ‘hello again.’ The tagline is a direct reference, again, to the original Macintosh unveil in 1984, confirming new Macs would be announced
  • The clouded Apple logo is identical to marketing wallpapers included with redesigned MacBook Pro models

September 7

  • ‘See you on the 7th.’ The tagline so prominently featuring the number 7 confirmed their next smartphone would be called iPhone 7.
  • The bokeh circles that make up the Apple logo previewed the Portrait Mode would be coming on iPhone 7 Plus


March 9

  • ‘Spring forward.’ The tagline alludes to time changing, signaling the release of the long-awaited Apple Watch


September 10

  • ‘This should brighten everyone’s day.’ The tagline and graphic allude to new bright colors coming to the new lower-cost iPhone 5c


September 12

  • The reflection in the date show the number 5…for the iPhone 5

March 7

  • The image shows a new iPad which was set to be unveiled at the event


October 4

  • ‘Let’s talk iPhone.’ The tagline said everything…new iPhone arriving at the event.

March 2

  • The calendar icon peels back to reveal a new iPad will be unveiled


October 20

  • ‘Back to the Mac.’ The tagline preview the event would be entirely Mac-focused