AirTag shown in first hands-on photos and videos (roundup)

The news: Ahead of pre-orders on Friday, the first photos and videos of Apple’s AirTag have been published by members of the media.

  • AirTag, which is incredibly tiny, seems to be a better option for finding things than something like a Tile due to the UWB capabilities with Precision Finding (a beautiful UI, might I add)
  • Many reviewers also noted how private these feel, with anti-human-tracking features built-in and location data not stored on the AirTag itself
  • They seem to get scratched easily, however: a number of media reported scratches and scuffs after just a few hours of usage…which is disappointing considering that most AirTags are likely to get banged around
  • Photos and videos in this article were provided by Andru Edwards, CNET, Marques Brownlee, Mashable, Sam Sheffer, TechCrunch and The Verge