Apple releases new Apple Watch bands and faces to celebrate pride

The news: Ahead of the beginning of pride month, Apple just released new watch bands and faces to celebrate the occasion.

  • The new Pride Edition Sport Loop features an embossed rainbow and the word “pride” written on it, and ships out on May 26 for $49
  • A new Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop was also released, with a rainbow set in dark mode…it also ships on May 26 for $49
  • Don’t forget the 2 new watch faces: Pride Threads corresponds with the first band and combines vibrant threads to show you the time, where Nike Bounce is a simpler, bold rainbow gradient with the time placed on top

Sam’s take: Apple’s yearly pride releases have become a staple in the community as everyone looks forward to them now. This year, they’ve done a great job yet again…even though the designs aren’t as stunning as last year to me. Regardless, I greatly admire and appreciate Apple’s support and recognition of the LGBTQ+ community…they began recognizing pride ahead of others and have been relentless since. Bravo.