Apple updates Final Cut Pro with Mac Studio performance improvements & more

The news: After teasing a forthcoming update at their March 8 event, Apple has just released a new version of Final Cut Pro with a handful of enhancements.

  • With “optimized playback and graphics performance for M1 Max and M1 Ultra the new Mac Studio,” Final Cut Pro 10.6.2 is now fully updated for Apple’s top-tier silicon
  • The new update also adds duplicate clip detection, machine-learning voice isolation, Korean Language support and other stability improvements and bug fixes
  • iMovie’s Magic Movie and Storyboard features can also be placed directly into the timeline now

Sam’s take: A month late, but so glad to see this finally ship. I was having a lot of issues with Final Cut when I first got my Mac Studio, but they oddly dissipated after a few days. Now, with FCP being actually optimized, I can’t wait to test out the performance while editing my next video.