Apple will release 4 Macs with M2 chips beginning later this year

The rumor: This could be the biggest year for Mac releases ever, according to Mark Gurman (85.5% accurate, via Power On).

These are the Macs getting an M2 chip as soon as this year…

  • Low-end MacBook Pro 14-inch
  • iMac 24-inch (refresh of current M1 model)
  • Low-end Mac mini (refresh of current M1 model)
  • Redesigned MacBook Air

Our take: I find it most interesting that Apple is already looking to update their M1 products to faster M2 chips. Considering how that chip gets the job done for the vast majority of the population, I thought Apple would keep it around for some time. It doesn’t appear that way. Unlike Intel refreshes, which would happen on the Mac intermittently, every couple of years, it looks as if Apple could be updating computers with their latest silicon much more regularly!