Apple’s iPhone 13 may be getting more expensive…here’s why


The rumor: Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 series may be more expensive than the iPhone 12 due issues with chip production, according to DigiTimes (61% accurate).

  • Per the new report, prices for chip production from TSMC, one of Apple’s manufacturers, could see increases as high as 20%
  • In turn, “Apple is likely to set higher prices for its upcoming iPhone and other series, according to market sources. Multiple notebook brand vendors, which have raised their prices by 5-10% so far this year, continue to explore ways to mitigate the impact of rising costs on their profitability” DigiTimes says

Our take: Wow…the first we’ve heard of a price increase for iPhone 13, all due to the chip shortage. Considering the breadth of the rumored upgrades this year, this will literally be a tough sell. The prices for the iPhone 12 lineup are already quite high, so I’m curious to see how much Apple may be planning to hike here. Then again, this is just coming from DigiTimes, a source that is only 61% accurate…