First Apple M1 Geekbench results show massive gains

The news: The first Geekbench test of Apple’s M1 processor has been performed, and the results in the single-core range are incredible.

  • Here are the results from M1 inside the new MacBook Air:
    • Single-core score of 1,687
    • Multi-core score of 7,433
  • If situated on Geekbench’s leaderboards right now, the M1 chip would sit at #1 on the list of single-core scores and #13 for multi-core scores
  • This result fully outperforms the most expensive 16-inch MacBook Pro
  • And as noted by Steve Troughton-Smith, the multi-core score of 7,433 is only 556 points off from…the base Mac Pro, Apple’s highest-end Mac line

Our take: Wow. These results are absolutely out of this world. It’s everything we hoped in more…and the MacBook Air is Apple’s lowest-end offering for M1.