Here’s your first look at Apple’s upcoming 35W dual USB-C charger

The leak: New images of Apple’s previously-rumored 35W charger have been shared by ChargerLAB (not yet tracked).

  • The new charger has a folding design with 2 USB-C ports that sit side-by-side…rather than on top of each other like most competing chargers
  • Considering how small this looks, I would almost guarantee that it’s powered by gallium-nitride (GaN) charging technology that runs cooler and packs more power into a smaller form-factor

Sam’s take: This is the most Apple charger I have ever seen, and I would bet almost anything that these are real. The folding design is sure to be a hit for a lot of folks (even though I’ve never been the biggest fan) and the 2 USB-C ports sitting side-by-side is pretty unique. Something tells me this could be for the new MacBook Air?