iOS 14: Animated emoji found in early build (update: nope)

Update: According to users on Twitter, these animated emoji are actually present in a current version of the clips app. Our earlier story got this info incorrect and we no longer expect broader animated emoji support in iOS 14.

The news: Apple could introduce animated emoji (different from Animoji) as soon as iOS 14, according to @blue_kanikama.

  • Rather than moving Animoji characters, these are animated versions of existing Unicode emoji
  • Notes, stars, dumbbells, confetti, music notes and more are present, per @blue_kanikama
  • The files were found in an early December 2019 build of iOS 14

Our take: Although these are real images obtained from an early build of iOS 14, there is no guarantee that they will actually be included as a user-facing feature. That being said, this seems small enough to have hopefully made the cut for June 22.