iOS 16 may automatically detect car crashes

The rumor: A future software update for iPhones could enable “crash detection,” according to the WSJ (80% accurate).

These are the details…

  • “Crash detection uses data from sensors built into Apple devices including the accelerometer to detect car accidents as they occur, for instance by measuring a sudden spike in gravity, or “g,” forces on impact” the report says
  • This data could then be utilized to automatically dial 911 if an accident is detected
  • Apple could roll this feature out to iPhones as early as 2022, either as an update to iOS 15 or as part of the larger iOS 16 release

Our take: This sounds really helpful, and reminds me of how Apple used the accelerometer on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer to make fall detection work. Automatic crash detection would be really helpful and potentially life-saving.