iPhone 12 Pro Max screenshots show 120Hz support, 4k240p slow-mo


The leak: Screenshots from a nearly complete iPhone 12 Pro Max test unit have been leaked by Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate).

New features shown in the first screenshot:

  • LiDAR sensor autofocus and subject detection
  • New video modes of 4k120/4k240p video
  • Enhanced night mode with extended exposure times
  • Advanced noise reduction
  • Bit depth video
  • Zoom enhancements

And from the second, arguably more exciting screenshot:

  • High refresh rate (120hz) support
  • Adaptive refresh rate changes from 60 to 120hz as needed

Our take: These screenshots are pretty wild. Don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this before. Confirms a lot of what we’ve been hearing, and they’re almost certainly real with Jon’s track record. That being said…these are test features. Not all will likely make the cut.