iPhone 13 may get new orange and matte black colors, upgraded Portrait Mode & more


The rumors: Apple is working on better cameras and upgraded colors for the 2021 iPhones, according to Max Weinbach (67.1% accurate, via EAP).

  • Tweaked camera module: The lenses will protrude less but will still individually stick out, and the overall bump depth could be reduced
    • Front-facing camera microphone getting improved noise cancellation and and “clearer-audio”
    • Better optical image stabilization
    • Upgraded Portrait Mode with better edge detection
  • New colors: Apple is reportedly tweaking Space Gray to look closer to black and a new orange/bronze color is also in testing
  • Stainless steel edges on Pro models may be more fingerprint resistant

Our take: The new orange color could look pretty cool…it’s certainly something we’ve never seen on iPhone before. Overall though, these rumors broadly speak to this absolutely being an ‘S year.’