M1 iPad Pro is now fastest iOS device by 33%

The news: The first iPad Pro benchmarks have been uploaded and the performance as just as mind-numbing as expected (via MacRumors).

  • With single-core scores hovering around 1715 and multi-core scores in as high as 7262, the M1 chip on iPad Pro is the fastest iOS device by 33.8% when comparing the top two highest iOS multi-core scores of all time
    • The previous iOS multi-core high score was 4809 on the 2020 iPad Pro with A12X inside
  • This M1 chip on iPad Pro sees almost identical performance to the Macs with M1 chip inside

Our take: This performance is ridiculous and is sure to position the iPad Pro in a peculiar spot on the market. At the point, no other tablet even gets close to the performance on the iPad Pro…