New survey reveals most/least popular iMac colors, popularity of AirTag & more

The survey: New findings in an April survey from SellCell reveals a number of interesting data points about Apple’s recent product releases.

  • M1 iMac color selection, from most to least popular: Blue (33.4%), Silver (30.1%), Green (13.4%), Purple (8.9%), Yellow (6.8%), Pink (4.1%), Orange (3.3%)
  • “Over six in 10 (61%) iPhone and iPad users intend to buy the new AirTag, while 39% aren’t interested” SellCell reports
  • 82% of survey respondents want to see Face ID come to future Macs
  • For iPhone 13, the return of Touch ID is currently the most anticipated feature

Our take: I assumed blue would be the most popular iMac color, but I had no idea that yellow, pink and orange would all be relatively unpopular. That being said, I don’t think that there’s any world where 6 out of 10 iOS users buy AirTag…