Some 2022 iPad models may get OLED displays…and not Mini-LED

The rumor: After just announcing the first iPad with a Mini-LED display, Apple plans to switch some models to OLED already, according to ETNews (55.5% accurate, source).

  • “Some” iPad models are said to be getting OLED displays next year, a strange move considering Apple just made the switch to Mini-LED on iPad Pro
  • This is the second time we have heard that OLED may be coming to iPad models in the near future

Our take: This is one of those rumors that just doesn’t make sense. Why, less than a year after switching to Mini-LED, would Apple switch to OLED? I’m sure OLED would look better and I’d love to see it on the iPad, but there’s no way Apple has invested so much in Mini-LED as a stop-gap tech.