Rumor: iPhone SE 3 will ship with mmWave 5G

The news: In his first-ever Twitter leak, established leaker Ming-Chi Kuo (70.4% accurate) predicts various details about the upcoming iPhone SE.

The report…

  • Sub-6 GHz and mmWave 5G
  • Storage capacities of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB (returning after disappearing in September)
  • White, black and red colors
  • Similar form factor to the current iPhone SE
  • Mass production in March 2022…with estimated shipments of 25-30 million this year

Ian’s Take: There is quite a bit of new information here. I am glad that Apple is bringing back 256GB; I was very confused when they got rid of it mid-cycle. Many people assumed that the SE 3 would only ship with Sub-6 GHz 5G, the lower spec, for cost-saving measures. But it looks like Apple will be giving their cheapest device the same 5G as their flagship iPhone 13 series. This will make the phone even more enticing for Android users looking to switch. Despite my excitement for mmWave, I am worried that battery life will be abysmal…

Lastly, I am just so excited to see Kuo active on Twitter. Previously his reports had to be “obtained,” and now he is making them very accessible.

iPhone 14 battery life may improve because of better 5G chip

The rumor: Apple is planning to put a significantly upgraded 5G chip inside iPhone 14 models later this year, according to Economic Daily News (EDN, 83.3% accurate).

Here’s what you should know…

  • The new 5G chips will be manufactured entirely by TSMC using a new 6nm process, resulting in a chip design that is smaller but also consumes less power
  • Wi-Fi 6E will also be supported on this new 5G chip, meaning that iPhone 14 could also gain that faster wireless tech, too

Sam’s take: One of the biggest problems with 5G right now is that the modems and chips consume a significant amount of energy over 4G…and that leads to worse battery life. This could fix half of the equation and I can only imagine the improvements when compounded atop a more efficient A16 processor.

2023 iPhones may include Apple-designed 5G modem

The rumor: An Apple-designed 5G modem will debut in just a couple of years, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (76.6% accurate).

  • A 5G modem designed by Apple may debut as soon as 2023, as Apple plans to stop using Qualcomm’s modems
  • Apple is pushing forward on their quest to design and produce more and more of the components inside the iPhone

Our take: Seeing this makes me think about other parts of the iPhone that Apple might want to design and manufacture one day. Will Apple-designed screens and less of a reliance on Samsung’s tech be next?

Apple begins work on 6G connectivity for future iPhones

The rumor: Just months after launching the first iPhones with 5G, Apple is already looking to the next standard, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate).

  • With sixth-generation cellular connectivity, “some analysts say the technology could enable speeds more than 100 times faster than 5G”
  • Like with their first-party silicon, Apple plans to one day design and produce the cellular modems found inside their products

Our take: With the disappointing and shortsighted rollout of 5G, it’s comical to already be talking about 6G. But I have no interest in any future wireless standard until the promise of 5G is actualized and delivered.

Video shows Verizon 5G loses 75% of the time to 4G LTE

The news: 5G on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro may not be as ‘real’ as Apple and Verizon have suggested, according to a new video from iupdate.

  • In the video, 5G won only 3 times out of 12: 4G LTE won 9 times
  • mmWave 5G, where available, crushed 4G in download speeds…but somehow lost in the upload test

Our take: 5G was not at all what I expected. I thought at the very least I’d see a marginal improvement in almost every test on 5G, but that wasn’t the case. 5G is slow…unless you’re in one of the very few mmWave coverage areas.

A table provided exclusively by iupdate, with the results of the testing.

2021 iPad Pro to feature 5G and mini-LED display

The news: Next year’s iPad Pro will be the most significant upgrade since 2018, according to L0vetodream (90.5% accurate).

  • A revamped Mini-LED display is coming to the iPad Pro sometime in the first half of 2021
  • 5G support will also be present

Our take: L0vetodream’s insanely good track record speaks for itself: this person, whomever they are, have solid intel. As 2020’s iPad Pro LiDAR upgrade was underwhelming, 2021’s should reinvigorate the line with fresh life.