Rumor: iPhone SE 3 will ship with mmWave 5G

The news: In his first-ever Twitter leak, established leaker Ming-Chi Kuo (70.4% accurate) predicts various details about the upcoming iPhone SE.

The report…

  • Sub-6 GHz and mmWave 5G
  • Storage capacities of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB (returning after disappearing in September)
  • White, black and red colors
  • Similar form factor to the current iPhone SE
  • Mass production in March 2022…with estimated shipments of 25-30 million this year

Ian’s Take: There is quite a bit of new information here. I am glad that Apple is bringing back 256GB; I was very confused when they got rid of it mid-cycle. Many people assumed that the SE 3 would only ship with Sub-6 GHz 5G, the lower spec, for cost-saving measures. But it looks like Apple will be giving their cheapest device the same 5G as their flagship iPhone 13 series. This will make the phone even more enticing for Android users looking to switch. Despite my excitement for mmWave, I am worried that battery life will be abysmal…

Lastly, I am just so excited to see Kuo active on Twitter. Previously his reports had to be “obtained,” and now he is making them very accessible.