Apple releases new Apple Watch bands and faces to celebrate pride

The news: Ahead of the beginning of pride month, Apple just released new watch bands and faces to celebrate the occasion.

  • The new Pride Edition Sport Loop features an embossed rainbow and the word “pride” written on it, and ships out on May 26 for $49
  • A new Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop was also released, with a rainbow set in dark mode…it also ships on May 26 for $49
  • Don’t forget the 2 new watch faces: Pride Threads corresponds with the first band and combines vibrant threads to show you the time, where Nike Bounce is a simpler, bold rainbow gradient with the time placed on top

Sam’s take: Apple’s yearly pride releases have become a staple in the community as everyone looks forward to them now. This year, they’ve done a great job yet again…even though the designs aren’t as stunning as last year to me. Regardless, I greatly admire and appreciate Apple’s support and recognition of the LGBTQ+ community…they began recognizing pride ahead of others and have been relentless since. Bravo.

Apple releases 22 new limited edition watch bands in International Collection

The news: Ahead of the 2021 Olympics, Apple has unveiled 22 new, limited edition watch bands.

  • “The soft, breathable, and lightweight International Collection Sport Loop bands are available representing the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the US,” Apple says
  • The new watch bands are available only for a limited time and can be ordered on now

Our take: I love to see Apple making these limited edition watch bands more widely available for the 2021 Olympics…they did this ins 2016 but the bands were incredibly exclusive and hard to find.

Apple releases 2 new Apple Watch Pride Edition bands

The news: Alongside big announcements for Apple Music, 2 new Apple Watch Pride Edition bands have also been released.

  • “The Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop ($99) artfully weaves together the original rainbow colors with those drawn from various Pride flags to represent the breadth of diversity among LGBTQ+ experiences and the history of a movement that has spanned generations” Apple says
  • A new version of the Nike Sport Loop band ($49) has also been released and features all 6 colors of the rainbow
  • Both bands are available for order now, and will release in Apple Stores on May 25

Our take: I love Apple’s yearly Pride releases and the new Solo Loop this year looks exceptional. $99 is a bit pricey though…

Apple’s first 2021 releases may include new tablet, accessory and wearable products

The rumors: Apple’s April product releases will include a tablet, wearable and accessory, according to Max Weinbach (67.1% accurate).

  • Tablet: a new iPad Pro (with Mini-LED on the 12.9-inch, 5G, upgraded cameras and Thunderbolt support)
  • Wearable: “likely new seasonal Apple Watch bands” (new Solo Loop colors)
  • Accessory: AirTags, Apple’s long-awaited tracking accessory

Our take: Only new info here is about the Apple Watch bands, which Apple does just about every year. Wouldn’t it be wild if the new watch band was an indigo color?

Unreleased Apple Watch bands for the 2020 Olympics shown in new photos

The news: Apple was seemingly preparing to release a slew of new Apple Watch bands in anticipation of the 2020 Olympics, as shared by L0vetodream (88.7% accurate).

  • Both the Denmark and Japan bands leaked…coincidentally featuring inverted color schemes representative of each country’s flag
  • Apple previously created exclusive bands for the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Our take: With all the hype that the Olympics bring, I’m sure these would’ve been a hit. They look like new colorways for the Sport Loop—which I’ve never tired—but always look real comfortable.

New ‘Summer’ Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases released

The news: Apple just dropped new fresh-looking summer bands and iPhone cases on their website, as spotted by MacRumors.

  • Linen Blue, Seafoam, Coastal Gray and Vitamin C are the new colorways for the Sport Bands
  • Linen Blue, Seafoam and Vitamin C are the new options for the silicone iPhone 11 series cases

Our take: I never thought I’d see Apple name a color “Vitamin C…” Still, these all look pretty nice, and are definitely worth looking into if you are a fan of Apple’s first-party bands and cases.