Concept imagines redesigned 24/32-inch iMacs with Apple Silicon

The concept: New renders from depict what redesigned iMac models could look like when they’re updated with Apple Silicon…eventually.

  • The purported design is heavily reminiscent of the iPad Pro
  • Rumors suggest that next iMac models will actually come in 24-inch and 32-inch sizes, with larger displays and slimmer bezels

Our take: While I think these renders looks great…the form factor seems way to thin for an iMac. But with the insane improvements to performance, efficiency, and thermal management we’ve already seen with the M1, maybe this isn’t too far off after all.

New concept shows redesigned Mac mini with Apple Silicon

The concept: As Apple prepares to enter a 2-year transition for Apple Silicon, a new concept from Viktor Kádár and ALTRD Studio shows their vision for a redesigned Mac mini.

  • The new Mac mini would have a significantly smaller form factor at just over 5 inches long and wide and barely over an inch tall
  • Internals include an A14X processor and Apple custom GPU
  • While the concept looks stunning on the outside, the inside has been meticulously designed as well, to simulate a real product that could exist one day
  • View the full concept on Behance

Our take: Kádár and ALTRD Studio’s work has long been some of my favorite, especially after their recent iMac concept. With Apple Silicon, Apple could really scale a number of their products down…as recent rumors for the next-gen Mac Pro have suggested.