New concept shows redesigned Mac mini with Apple Silicon

The concept: As Apple prepares to enter a 2-year transition for Apple Silicon, a new concept from Viktor Kádár and ALTRD Studio shows their vision for a redesigned Mac mini.

  • The new Mac mini would have a significantly smaller form factor at just over 5 inches long and wide and barely over an inch tall
  • Internals include an A14X processor and Apple custom GPU
  • While the concept looks stunning on the outside, the inside has been meticulously designed as well, to simulate a real product that could exist one day
  • View the full concept on Behance

Our take: Kádár and ALTRD Studio’s work has long been some of my favorite, especially after their recent iMac concept. With Apple Silicon, Apple could really scale a number of their products down…as recent rumors for the next-gen Mac Pro have suggested.