HomePod mini has a secret temperature and humidity sensor

The news: Apple could enable new HomePod mini functionality through a software update, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate).

  • iFixit has discovered a hidden temperature and humidity sensor inside
  • Gurman speculates Apple could enable new functionality for smart thermostats via a software update in the future
  • The original HomePod was just discontinued last week

Our take: It’s super interesting to the that we’re just now learning about this hidden sensor. Gurman is pretty strategic with the way he shares scoops, though, so perhaps this software update is coming pretty soon?

Apple Watch Series 6 is thinner, has larger battery & more

The news: The Apple Watch Series 6 is a very different watch than the Series 5, at least internally, according to a teardown by iFixit.

  • The battery received a “3.5% increase for the 44mm battery, and an even bigger 8.5% increase for the 40mm”
  • Force Touch has been removed, contributing the the Series 6 being 3.16% thinner
  • A larger Taptic Engine is present inside the new watches, too

Our take: It’s always fascinating to learn what really changed on the inside of some new products. Super cool to see that there is a physically larger battery on the inside!