Apple releases iOS 14.4.1, watchOS 7.3.2 & macOS 11.2.3 with security updates

The news: Apple released a slew of security updates for iOS, watchOS and macOS on Monday morning.

  • So…what’s new in these updates? Apple says “this update provides important security updates and is recommended for all users”
  • Specifically, Apple has fixed a WebKit vulnerability that was seemingly pretty important


Available for: iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch (7th generation)

Impact: Processing maliciously crafted web content may lead to arbitrary code execution

Description: A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved validation.

CVE-2021-1844: Clément Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, Alison Huffman of Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research

Our take: Looks like these updates were pushed out due to a potential security risk, but there isn’t anything else new to see here. Updating simply nets you better security on your device, which is always recommended.

Final Cut Pro 10.5.1 released with new sharing options and stability improvements

The news: Continuing with the deluge of new updates across all products, a new version of Final Cut Pro has just been released.

Here’s what changed:

  • New export options: There’s a new share option for creating files that will be specifically uploaded to YouTube and Facebook
  • Anything else? Stability improvements are noted, but nothing is cited in particular

Our take: After updating, my timeline definitely felt more responsive when dealing with a large 30+ minute chunk of video. New Youtube and Facebook sharing options are great!

Unite 4 brings powerful, native web apps to macOS (sponsored)

The news: The biggest update ever for Unite has just been released with a number of incredible new additions and significant improvements to existing features.

  • Unite 4 lets you build native web apps in one click, with a redesigned setup UI that supports both light and dark mode
  • Apps are highly customizable, with everything from fonts to window shading and opacity user-configurable
  • Status bar support is available for all of your Unite 4 apps, bringing Twitter, Instagram and other favorite sites just a click away
  • Other major upgrades in Unite 4: refreshed in-app UI, notifications, live dock slices, macOS Keychain support and new pro tools

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Our take: Running websites as near-native apps is incredibly helpful for checking things at a glance…it’s like if complications for Apple Watch also existed on Mac. My two favorite uses so far? Twitter running in the status bar and showing Robinhood as a dock slice.

macOS Big Sur releases on November 12

The news: Apple confirmed the release date for macOS Big Sur at their ‘one more thing’ event on November 10.

  • The new, redesigned software for Macs ships on November 12
  • New features include: a refreshed UI with new icons and sounds, an all-new Messages app, and Control Center
  • Major software updates from Apple usually release between 10am-1pm PST

Our take: This is less than 2 days away! We’ve been waiting on confirmation from Apple on when this was coming, and here it is.

macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 beta references 3 unreleased Macs

The news: Apple may be preparing to release as many as 3 new Macs, according to hidden references in the latest macOS Big Sur beta, as spotted by Hans Tønning.

  • 9to5Mac notes that the 3 new Mac references include the following:
    • MacHardwareTypes-2020f.bundle
    • MacHardwareTypes-2020g.bundle
    • MacHardwareTypes-2020h.bundle
  • The new bundles don’t reveal what Mac models are coming, and it’s possible that the references could be for 3 distinct models…or just 1
  • Apple is rumored to be holding their final event of the year on November 17

Our take: Even more confirmation that new Macs are coming. One of these, for sure will have Apple Silicon inside…but I’d bet at least one of these Macs will have Intel inside.

macOS Big Sur beta 4 adds 4K YouTube support in Safari

The news: Safari on macOS Big Sur beta 4 finally supports native playback of YouTube videos in 4K.

  • For years, videos could only be played in up to 1080p
  • Users were forced to choose Chrome or another web browser for higher resolution viewing

Our take: As somebody who watches (and creates) YouTube videos every day on a 5K iMac, this is a godsend. There was always some weird engineering explanation for why 4K videos never worked, but none of that matters anymore. Videos will look so much better than they used to.

Face ID is likely coming to the Mac

The news: Beginning on the iPhone, Apple is looking to expand Face ID to Macs in the future, according to an exclusive report from 9to5Mac (75.1% accurate).

  • macOS Big Sur beta 3 suggests that Face ID will be present on some future Macs
  • ‘Codes such as “FaceDetect” and “BioCapture” found within this extension confirms that Apple is preparing macOS to operate with Face ID’

Our take: Face ID, to me, has always made more sense on the Mac than the iPhone. You generally sit further away from a Mac at any given moment than your iPhone, so why would moving closer to press a Touch ID sensor make sense? This is the perfect use casenario.

macOS Big Sur beta 3 fixes the horrid battery icon

The news: Alongside Wednesday’s release of iOS 14 beta 3, Apple also dropped macOS Big Sur beta 3 for developers…and it fixes the most talked-about graphical disaster.

  • The new icon is much less…uncomfortable
  • It actually looks like a battery now
  • We can all agree the refreshed icon is better

Our take: Thank you, Apple!

Download the official macOS Big Sur wallpapers

The fun: Apple has included some of the best looking wallpapers for macOS that I’ve ever seen in the newest macOS Big Sur.

  • There are two new dynamic wallpapers: one that was made for the huge UI redesign and one of Big Sur itself

Our take: The second one is the best, the colors just pop.


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