macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 beta references 3 unreleased Macs

The news: Apple may be preparing to release as many as 3 new Macs, according to hidden references in the latest macOS Big Sur beta, as spotted by Hans Tønning.

  • 9to5Mac notes that the 3 new Mac references include the following:
    • MacHardwareTypes-2020f.bundle
    • MacHardwareTypes-2020g.bundle
    • MacHardwareTypes-2020h.bundle
  • The new bundles don’t reveal what Mac models are coming, and it’s possible that the references could be for 3 distinct models…or just 1
  • Apple is rumored to be holding their final event of the year on November 17

Our take: Even more confirmation that new Macs are coming. One of these, for sure will have Apple Silicon inside…but I’d bet at least one of these Macs will have Intel inside.