iPhone 14 CADs leak showing last year’s phone…

The leak: Newly published CADs of the iPhone 14 show minimal design changes over last year’s iPhone 13, according to MySmartPrice (not yet tracked).

The details…

Ian’s take: I mean what can I say…it looks like the iPhone 13 and will have last year’s chip. It seems that Apple is now realizing they were making their lower end devices too compelling. They are differentiating the Pro line this year more than ever with a newer chip and new display design. It is unfortunate, but I see where they are coming from.

Beats Studio Buds leaked in new images

The leak: Our first hands-on images of the upcoming Beats Studio Buds headphones have leaked, courtesy of MySmartPrice (100% accurate, source).

  • Matching up with the previous images found in software, the new headphones are truly wireless and don’t have a stem
  • With recent FCC filings, a launch for the new Beats seems to be happening very soon

Our take: Honestly, these look a bit weirder in real life than I thought they would. Also seems like they are releasing imminently.

First look at iPhone 13 design shows new camera setup and smaller notch

The leak: Apple’s 5.4 and 6.1-inch iPhone models in 2021 will make a number of changes to the iPhone 12 design, according to MySmartPrice (100% accurate for 4 rumors).

  • After years of stagnation, the notch is finally shrinking horizontally…and MySmartPrice speculates that there could be two front-facing cameras
  • On the rear cameras, Apple has adopted a new pattern for the dual-camera setup: but there’s no LiDAR sensor as some sources rumored
  • The dimensions of the iPhone 13 will be identical to iPhone 12: 146.7×71.5×7.6mm

Our take: I don’t buy the dual front-facing cameras that is speculated in this piece, but I do dig the new camera look on the back. It’s a subtle change but it really makes the design look fresh, even though it’s just a minor revision to iPhone 12.

Potential first look at new 11-inch 2021 iPad Pro

The leak: The first likely legitimate renders for the 2021 iPad Pro have been shared by MySmartPrice.

  • New dimensions of 245.74 x 176.61 x 5.9mm (old: 247.6 x 178.5 x 5.9mm): these keep the tablet just as thick but make it just under 1% smaller
  • The speakers are also changing: On the bottom of the new iPad Pro, the speakers have fewer holes and have also moved a bit
  • There also may be a third mic placed at the top of the device, but the overall design is staying for another year

Our take: Wasn’t expecting anything major for the iPad Pro this year, but with Mini-LED coming I thought there may have been some additional design changes. Expecting this to release in March.