iPhone 14 said to release in new purple color, upgraded flash coming

The rumor: Apple is looking to add new colors and a new flash to iPhone 14, according to a new rumor from Oivo sauce ovo posted to Weibo.

  • The new flash is described as “a small circle in a big circle,” rather than the dual circle design we have seen in recent history (see illustration below)
  • Apple is also working on a new purple colorway for both iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro that shifts in tone depending on the lighting
  • According to the rumor, black, white, blue, red and purple will be the color options for iPhone 14, while graphite, gold, silver and purple will be available on iPhone 14 Pro

Sam’s take: Purple for all models, at launch, is going to be a big hit. I remember when Apple launched the purple iPhone 12 in April 2021, so many folks wanted it! But they had already bought one of the other colors months earlier. Based on the way it is described in the Weibo post, it sounds pretty stunning. If it looks as good as it sounds, I’m in. As for the flash change…it’s unclear what that means right now.

Thanks ShrimpApplePro for the tip!

iPhone 14 molds surface with first look at new sizing…and no mini model

The leak: Our first “hands-on” photos of iPhone 14 have been shared on Weibo by user Quick Evaluation Laboratory (via ShrimpApplePro).

  • Just like last year, there will be 4 iPhone 14 models to chose from…but this time there is only 6.1 and 6.7-inch sizing
  • Apple’s camera bumps on both Pro models appear to be getting moderately larger year-over-year
  • The post also claims that iPhone 14 Pro models will feature the pill + hole design, where the lower-end iPhone 14 devices will retain the notch
  • Quick Evaluation Labratory does not have a history of sharing leaks, but these models line up very closely with previous rumors from reputable sources and other design leaks

Sam’s take: These look pretty spot on to me…for the detail that we can glean, of course. Being that these are metal molds, we only get a look at the key changes (of which there aren’t many). Biggest takeaway here for me is that we’re seeing the sizing of the lineup side-by-side for the first time. RIP iPhone mini.

Leaked image shows likely 5.4-inch iPhone 12 display with smaller notch

The leak: New images have surfaced of what appears to be this year’s 5.4-inch iPhone display, courtesy of a now-deleted Weibo post and a tweet.

  • The updated design is a bit shorter and skinnier than the 2017 notch that debuted with iPhone X
  • Many sources have previously suggested the notch would shrink this year

Our take: This looks legit to me. The smaller notch feels very Apple and it looks smaller like the rumors have suggested. Can’t wait to see this on some larger models!