iOS 14 may support 3rd-party Control Center widgets

The news: This year’s major iOS update may allow developers to add widgets to Control Center, as suggested by two sources.

Our take: With no credible sources recently reporting that home screen widgets are still in the cards for this year, perhaps the original widgets image was actually showing a revamped version of Control Center all along. This sounds most realistic to me, especially with all of the disruption that COIVD-19 caused.

iOS 14 icon may show new home screen functionality

The news: Reportedly present in an early December 2019 build of iOS 14 is a glyph that seems to show an app icon expanding into a larger block…or widget, according to @blue_kanikama.

  • In the build, the icon is reportedly located at /system/AppleInternal/Applications/
  • However…other sources have cast doubt on widgets coming this year

Our take: I’m split on this one: but I have a feeling that even after all this there won’t be widgets in iOS 14. As mentioned by Jon Prosser, the home screen widgets probably aren’t coming until next year.