There might not be a SIM card slot on the 2023 iPhones

The rumor: Apple could remove the physical SIM tray from some iPhones in 2023, according to Blog do iPhone (not yet tracked).

  • According to this unverified source, Apple plans to remove the physical SIM tray from the higher-end iPhone Pro models in 2023, meaning that only a dual-eSIM would allow you to connect to cellular networks
  • Apple’s 2023 iPhone models are shaping up to be their most transformative ever, with a true all-screen design with under-display Touch ID and periscope camera lens

Our take: Considering that this is the first rumors I’ve ever seen from Blog do iPhone, I’m treating this purely as speculation. That being said, I don’t think a portless iPhone is anything too out there at this point…so removing the SIM tray would just be part of that transition. Next year seems too early, but 2023 sounds about right to me.