What’s new in iOS 15.4 beta 1? Mask ID, new emoji & more

The news: Apple just released the first beta of iOS 15.4 to developers…and it’s already a bigger update than all of iOS 15.3 that released earlier this week.

What’s new?

  • Face ID now works with masks and different glasses…even if you don’t own an Apple Watch
  • New emoji including melting face, low battery and interracial handshakes (via Emojipedia)
  • iOS 15.4 also introduces a new keyboard brightness option in Control Center (via MacRumors)
  • New Apple Card balance widget
  • iCloud Keychain now supports notes for logins
  • PS5 controllers now have adaptive trigger support
  • EU users can add their digital COVID-19 vaccination to the wallet app (via MacRumors)