Apple delays Universal Control feature until 2022

The news: Apple has confirmed that the revolutionary Universal Control feature in macOS Monterey won’t be coming for a few months still.

  • As seen above, Apple has confirmed on the macOS Monterey website that Universal Control will be available in Spring 2022, not this Fall as previously announced
  • Universal Control promises a seamless experiences between iPad and Mac devices, allowing you to use a single mouse and keyboard between them all, dragging files across screens with no latency

Our take: My mouth was legitimately agape when I saw Apple debut this feature at WWDC 2021. Clearly, the engineers at Apple also had the same reaction. I’ve already seen talk of this being another AirPower scenario, but I’m convinced this one is actually coming. Apple already has integration between devices down pat, so this doesn’t seem as unattainable as a never-before-done piece of hardware.