2022 iPhone may remove notch in favor of hole-punch design

Moe Slah

The rumor: Apple may be removing the notch in 2022, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (78.2% accurate).

  • At least the Pro iPhones will see the notch removed in 2022, but Kuo says it could happen across all new models, too
  • In lieu, Apple will adopt the hole-punch camera design popularized by Samsung and others
  • Kuo says the 2022 iPhone will also get an autofocus front-facing camera

Our take: I’m starting to see a trend here from Apple’s approach to the 3 year super cycle:

  1. Major redesign (ex. iPhone X, iPhone 12)
  2. Minor refinements (ex. iPhone XS, 2021 iPhones)
  3. Bigger refinements (ex. iPhone 11, 2022 iPhones)

I wonder if this means we’ll go notch/holeless in 2023?