AirPods 3 may get improved bass, larger case battery


The rumor: Apple will be increasing the battery capacity for the next-generation AirPods charging case, according to Max Weinbach (68.8% accurate).

  • AirPods 3 may ship with an updated wireless charging case…now coming standard…that includes a ~20% larger battery according to a new report shared on Twitter by PineLeaks
  • The batteries inside the pods themselves are said to be identical inside to those found in AirPods Pro
  • While the overall sound profile will be similar to AirPods 3, improved “bass and low ends” are expected

Our take: This is the first we’ve heard, to my knowledge, of improved sound coming to AirPods 3: bass is the number one area where AirPods 2 are lacking now. No mention of a release date, but sources have suggested we could see these later this month.