iPhone 13 lineup may see similar pricing, expanded mmWave 5G support & bigger batteries

The rumor: Apple’s next iPhones are expected to bring a slew of minor improvements, according to TrendForce (75% accurate).

Here’s what the new report outlines…

  • mmWave 5G (the ultra-fast kind of 5G) currently limited to US iPhones is said to be expanding to new markets
  • Pricing for the iPhone 13 series is likely remaining similar to iPhone 12 due to the lack of major hardware upgrades
  • As for upgraded batteries, TrendForce says “The iPhone 13 will see a shift in its charging circuit board from the previous rigid-flex PCB design to a new design featuring SiP combined with flexible PCB. The space-saving feature of this new design will also likely result in increased battery capacity”

Our take: We’ve heard all of this before already, but good to see it corroborated just weeks before the new iPhones release. Biggest takeaway for me is same pricing expected this year.