AirPods Pro 2 releasing in late 2022 (report)

The rumor: Apple’s highly-anticipated follow-up to the original AirPods Pro are coming a year from now, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (75.9% accurate).

  • The new note, obtained by AppleTrack, suggests “a significant upgrade to the main chip” is “likely…” but no other details are shared
  • The second-generation AirPods Pro are rumored to feature a new design that is potentially stemless and are expected to drop in the fourth quarter of 2022

Our take: This timeline feels right to me, and the pods are definitely due for a chip upgrade of some kinds inside (considering the latest AirPods 3 have the same chips as the 2019 AirPods 2/Pro). I’m still intrigued by the idea of a stemless design, though. Will it look like the concept image above or totally abandon the AirPods Pro design we have now?