AirPods Max leaderboard update

In a Christmas surprise release on December 8, Apple unveiled the long-awaited AirPods Max to the world. Here’s who got what right and wrong in our December 2020 leaderboard update.

Sources that increased

🌙 L0vetodream: 88.9 ⮕ 89% accurate

Previewed Apple’s Christmas surprise weeks ahead of the timely AirPods launch.

👨‍💻 Ming-Chi Kuo: 78 ⮕ 78.2% accurate

First shared the existence of over-ear headphones from Apple in 2018.

MacRumors: 70 ⮕ 71.9% accurate

Obtained the AppleCare memo that previewed a new product would be coming on December 8.

🕘 9to5Mac: 77.2 ⮕ 77.5% accurate

First shared the AirPods Max icon and revealed previously unknown details about the over-ears.

Sources that decreased

🏀 Mark Gurman: 89.3 ⮕ 89.1% accurate

First revealed Apple’s over-ear headphones were in development in 2018, nailed the core design, but had some misses with launch dates and a rumored leather variant.

🧻 Jon Prosser: 82.4 ⮕ 79.2% accurate

Shared the first look of AirPods Studio that was nearly spot-on, but incorrectly provided info on pricing, release, and some features.