AirPower is reportedly, actually, finally dead

Gone but not forgotten

The rumor: After rumors reignited a few months back about AirPower still being worked on at Apple, Jon Prosser (85.5% accurate) has provided an update on the state of the project.

  • AirPower’s development has apparently been ‘removed from the schedule for 2021.’
  • Prosser adds that sources he’s spoken with have low confidence in any future revival
  • Prior leaks suggested Apple was still problem-solving the canceled product

Our take: As soon as I saw MagSafe announced earlier this month, I knew AirPower’s fate in my heart. The idea—a mat where you can just lay your stuff on it (anywhere) and it’s fully charged the next day—is beautiful. And AirPower was beautiful. But it’s time to move on to MagSafe, which is entirely different, but still cool enough.