Apple cancels iMac Pro plans and won’t be releasing a larger-screen iMac with Apple Silicon

The rumor: Apple’s flagship all-in-one is dead and isn’t coming back anytime soon, according to 9to5Mac (82.8% accurate).

Here’s the story…

  • “Apple currently has no plans to release a larger-screen iMac in the near future…this not only applies to a larger screen model, but also versions with Pro, Max, or Ultra chips” 9to5Mac says
  • The company is apparently shifting focus to the new Mac Studio and Studio Display, which were just announced on March 8 at Apple’s Peek Performance event
  • A new 24-inch iMac powered by M2 is said to be coming in 2023, however, as Apple plans to move forward with that line

Sam’s take: As saddened as I am to hear this…I get it. The 27-inch iMac and 27-inch Studio Display would be competing products at a price range around $1,599. I have no doubt that sometime in the future we’ll see a bigger iMac return…but I don’t think right now is then.