Apple Car may debut in September 2021

The rumor: Apple’s top-secret, highly-anticipated car project is just under a year away from being announced, according to Economic Daily News (EDN, 36.8% accurate).

  • The report says that Apple Car production will be ramping up in the second quarter of 2021, with Apple planning an unveil in September
  • Early rumors suggest the car will be all-electric and including self-driving capabilities
  • Other analysts have suggested that a 2023-2025 timeline for Apple Car is far more realistic

Our take: EDN is the lowest-rated source that we track on our leaderboard. They’re consistently more wrong than right, and with no other source with any slight of credibility suggesting the same 2021 release date…this feels so wrong. Maybe they’re referring to some major update to CarPlay, or something else car-related?