Apple Glass features revealed

The news: Apple’s highly-anticipated AR Glasses project may be called “Apple Glass” and pair to an iPhone similar to the Apple Watch, according to Jon Prosser.

  • They’ll cost $499, with prescription lenses available for additional charge
  • A LiDAR sensor is situated on right side
  • An included stand charges them wirelessly
  • Built-in displays sit in both lenses
  • They will be announced as a “one more thing” in Fall 2020 or at a March 2021 event

Our take: This is situated to be the most significant Apple product of the next decade. Nobody knows if they will take off, and I have some serious doubts about their success, but their implications are as exciting as a world before the iPhone. In 10 years, will the idea of carrying around an iPhone be outlandish?

Featured image courtesy of Yanko Design.