Apple releases 3 new colors for Beats Studio Buds

The news: Following rumors of an imminent launch, Apple has debuted 3 new colors for the popular Beats Studio Buds headphones.

  • Moon Gray, Sunset Pink and Ocean Blue are the new colorways that will be available beginning on Wednesday, April 13
  • “In today’s press release announcing the new colors, Beats says that Beats Studio Buds have globally been the company’s ‘fastest-selling product to date.’ Notably, this is likely because of how well the Beats Studio Buds integrate with Android devices,” 9to5Mac says

Sam’s take: The new colors are nice! While I was a bit surprised initially that Apple would be updating Beats Studio Buds with new colors, I suppose it makes sense considering that these are apparently the best selling Beats ever The price point and feature set is incredibly competitive, so I get it. I just wish I could use in-ear headphones to be part of the hype.