Gurman: Apple to announce new software and ‘other products’ on June 6

The rumor: Apple could be announcing new hardware at WWDC this year, according to Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate, via Power On).

  • “Apple’s developer conference will be held virtually and span the entire week. The big news will be on Monday, when the company holds its annual keynote address to announce its latest software and other products,” Gurman says
  • WWDC 2022 kicks off on June 6 at 10am PST with the traditional keynote address up first

Sam’s take: Rumors have been swirling about new Macs coming later this month or in June…and we’re hearing that they will likely be powered by the all-new M2 chip. I would bet that if there are Macs coming soon, Apple would announce them at their event on June 6. And considering there’s specifically an in-person component for dub dub this year, you would think that new hardware is certainly possible.