Apple to discontinue MacBook Air, ‘MacBook’ may return

The rumor: Apple silicon will allow computers to become thinner and lighter, leading to a more concise notebook lineup in the future, according to Sonny Dickson (73.3% accurate).

  • Apple silicon would make the 13-inch MacBook Air and Pro too similar in capability, leading to the Air’s discontinuation
  • A 14-inch notebook called ‘MacBook’ or ‘The New MacBook’ will likely fill the bottom end of the lineup
  • The 16-inch MacBook Pro will stick around as the high-end option

Our take: After Apple just revamped the MacBook Air in 2018, it would be pretty wild to see it disappear already. Conversely…I also struggle to see where it would fit in as part of Apple’s silicon lineup. Just like Apple silicon is a fresh start for the Mac, perhaps ‘The New MacBook’ will be, too.